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As our name “Increase The Value” suggest, the nature of our company emphasises on responsibility, our ability to increase the visual appeal of any desired space for the highest quality of contemporary and luxury living at the same time maximising the value of the property between 40 to 80%. Operating across London, Increase the value represents an expert construction firm that provides all kinds of services from property research, party wall surveyors, New Build Development, Extensions, Basement & Loft Conversions, Joinery, Bespoke Kitchens & Bathrooms. The construction firm possesses all fundamental equipment necessary to complete the works without interruption. Our aim is to deliver the best of our capacity on every project in a manner which is quick, timely and the highest quality. Increase the Value Limited costing policy is affordable and extremely fair. Our expert frequently monitor the construction market and analyses the scenario which leads to the reduction of the price of the construction, provide you with planning & building permissions, Structure & Architectural drawings to complete your Project.








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Years of unwavering commitment, professionalism, integrity and customer satisfaction, based on transforming landowners' properties to the highest level of quality and excellence, have given us the opportunity to form lifelong relationships with our client and build our reputation. The result is the expansion of Increase The Value with the capability to employ exceptionally talented specialists. Whether it’s a new luxury development, a simple redevelopment, basement conversion with a home cinema, kitchen and bathroom refurbishment we have the dedication, skills, experience to create uniquely designed properties to the Highest Specification.

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Tips to Add Extra Value to Your London Home Before Putting it on the market

While putting your house on the market, many homeowners have the question of whether they should renovate their home or not. To get the maximum out of your property, you need to know how to add full value to your property. Following are the ten best ways to add extra value to your London Home:

1. Converting Your Seller can Potentially Add Upto 30%

You can transform an existing cellar into a living or space for storage to boost a property’s value by up to 30 percent. You should consider that the build cost per sq ft is smaller than the worth per sq ft of the total area. Converting your cellar is often one of the smallest amount of complex home improvements to form. It qualifies pr passes as a change of use for planning purposes, suggesting you don’t need planning permission. However, if you’re making structural changes to a listed building, you’ll get to ask your local planning officer.

Even if you don’t have a cellar, dig right down to add square footage to your home, bearing in mind that building a basement involves the talents of specialists, from excavation, underpinning, and structural engineering to waterproofing. Get the proper team on board from the beginning to form sure your project doesn’t generate future problems.

2. Converting House into Flats can Add up to 35%

Converting a house or home into flats is popular in London, where apartments are in high demand and sometimes easier to hire out. Splitting a property into separate units can maximize income within the short term and profit on sale within the future. But before you start a project, do some research to see that there’s a requirement for studios in your area. The conversion might be an honest option if three-bedroom properties aren’t shifting, but smaller flats are.

3. Converting Unusable Garage into Living Area Can Add up to 20%

If your garage isn’t getting used to dealing with a car, you could add up to convert it into lebensraum, especially if you’ve got a parking lot outside. Your initiative should be to see that your garage is suitable for conversion and whether you would like planning permission. In many cases or scenarios, the work involved in converting or changing a garage will be classed as permitted development so that you won’t need planning permission, but always ask your local planning authority. A garage conversion is usually subject to putting together regulations to make sure it’s structurally sound, the right U Value, installations, electrics, heatings, etc. you’ll use your local council’s building control service or an approved independent private building control company, who will send the inspector to form several visits during the conversion to see that key areas such as drainage, electrics, walls and therefore the roof, etc. are complying with the newest building regulations and CDM 2015.

4. Add Side-Return to Your Kitchen to Add 20% More Value to Your Home.

A side return may be a narrow alley adjacent to the kitchen during a typical terraced or dwelling. Extending or expanding the kitchen into the side return and to the complete width of the remainder of the house means you gain valuable space and may also improve the layout. A single-story side-return extension will usually be classed as permitted development, provided you meet certain limits and conditions. for instance, it must be not quite 4m high and no wider than half the width of the first house. You’ll still need to suit the newest building regulations, and work will be inspected at key stages of the build, either by the agency plant department or by approved private building control. Once you are done with the extension and presuming it’s deemed to suit the regulations, you’ll tend a completion certificate.

If you’re brooding about a side-return extension, remember that you could lose windows and, therefore, the light they’d usher in. Roof lights over the extension is a good idea to fix; otherwise, you could introduce a to some extent or wholly coated rooftop to keep the space light and vaporous If you increase pretty 25% of the roof area with glass, the right U Value is required.

5. Do Loft Conversion to Add an Extra Bedroom which will Increase the Value by 15%

An additional room can amount to fifteen percent to the value of your home, particularly in case it’s a space change with an en suite washroom—most lofts.
Most lofts are often converted, but it’s worth getting an architect or builder to double-check before you begin. Once you begin planning, you’ll get to get to grips with the kinds of transformations accessible. Choices range from a rooftop light transformation, which needs the smallest amount of structural work, the most cost-effective, to a costlier mansard conversion. Here, one or both roof slopes are replaced with a replacement structure with more extreme sides and a practical level rooftop.

For the most part, Mansard changes need arranging consent, yet entirely the bulk of loft conversions are considered permitted development. Ask your local planning authority as there are some complex rules: for instance, you would like to use for planning permission if you would like to increase your roof space by quite 50m3 or 40m3 for terraced housing.

6. Enhance Your Living Space to Add 10% Value

If you would like to feel closer to nature, a glazed conservatory will merge indoors with outdoors. To urge started, believe how you would like to use the space and whether a contemporary or then again customary style will be best for your home and way of life. The greatest piece of your conservatory is going to be the glass, so explore your options carefully. At the same time, the window is that the minimum standard permitted by building regulations.

There’s an entire host of glazing options available, including solar control glass and self-cleaning glass. Again, believe which can fit your lifestyle and your home. There also are options to think about when it involves the frame. The fabric you select will directly affect the performance of the conservatory will straightforwardly influence the exhibition of the centre uPVC; wood and aluminium outlines all have various characteristics, so do your examination and ask specialists for counsel. Adding a studio to your house is viewed as allowed improvement gave you meet different cutoff points and conditions, yet remember that building guidelines are a different matter. The bulk of conservatories are exempt, but there are circumstances once you get to make an application. For instance, if you would like to get rid of the doors or walls linking the conservatory to your house, you’ll need to prove that your conservatory is energy efficient because of the remainder of the house.

7. Applying for Planning Permission can Add up to 10%

If you’re thinking of shopping for a property and adding to its value through extensions or major improvements, check whether you’re likely to urge planning permission by visiting your local council website and getting to planning applications, and see if your neighbours managed to convert their houses.

8. Home Gardens can Add up to 10%

Garden space is restricted in London, so if you’ve got it, confirm you’re making the foremost of it, especially when you’re getting to sell. A deck or porch can change a nursery into an engaging space, and when planned as a further room, a late spring house likewise can build the property estimation. Initial feelings are fundamental, so in case you’re selling, give your home a few further rooms; a summer house also can increase the property estimation. Initial feelings are fundamental, so in case you’re selling, give your home a few curb appeal with a lick of paint, a replacement door, and shining ironmongery. Tidy the garden by mowing the lawn and sweeping up leaves.

9. Installing a New Bathroom will Potentially Increase your Value by 3-5%

A new bathroom will increase the worth of your property – but it is often an upscale investment. Fortunately, it’s possible to form updates on a budget.

To keep the worth down, keep your current design. Moving sanitaryware may mean moving soil lines and water channels, which can expand your expenses—refreshing your shower fenced in area? Outlined nooks will, in general, be less expensive than frameless models. Pick an uncovered shower rather than a covered model: this expense is more to place in light of the fact that the lines will be pursued into the divider.

Similarly, wall-hung sanitaryware is usually pricier than floor-mounted versions. This is often because the cisterns and brackets will be got to be concealed within the walls. Save even extra money by choosing a toilet suite instead of purchasing individual pieces. And eventually, keep an eye fixed out for seasonal sales as sometimes you’ll rise to 75% deals.

10. Making Your Living Area Open Can Increase the Value by 4-5%

You can transform your home or house or any flat and save on the value of an extension by a demolition of the wall that separates your kitchen and front room. This will be an easy job or one you’ll get to call within the professionals: it all depends on conditions whether the wall is load-bearing. In case it is, bringing it down without proficient assistance could be shocking. If demolition of an indoor wall isn’t an option, you’ll consider a rear or side extension. Although this will be costly and time-consuming, it’ll offer you precisely the space you would also like to add potential value to your home.


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